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Trail Running & OCR Training

Trail Running

At Core 360 we are fortunate enough to have a beautiful location on the river with trail running routes to get you running fit in no time. It beats the treadmill anyday!!

Benefits of Trail Running

Switching up your usual road or park run for a trail run provides a plethora of mental and physical advantages: everything from lowering anxiety to using more muscle groups.

1. You’ll use more muscles...

By mixing firm hard pack trails with mud, flat routes and hills, you help to ensure your body works a much greater range of muscle groups, not just in your legs but also the stabilising muscles in your core, feet and ankles. This will improve your balance as well as your overall running power on all terrains.

2. help reduce your risk of injury

With each foot strike on a road or tarmac surface you’re generally hitting the same muscles with the same foot strike over and over, but mixed terrain surfaces will mean your gait and foot strike is slightly different each stride, meaning you will spread the impact over a great range of muscles

3. You will be less anxious

Doing nature-based physical activity could lower stress and anxiety, while boosting mental wellbeing, maximising the existing mood-improving qualities of exercise.

4. You’ll lose fat faster

For those looking to shed pounds, trail running can help you burn between 60 to 90 calories more per hour, this is thanks to the added challenge of uneven terrain.

OCR Training

If you’ve been bitten by the obstacle course racing (OCR) bug, you’ll know that to enter a series like the Warrior Race competitively, you need to be able to trail run for anything from 15-21km, and have the strength to overcome multiple demanding obstacles in between.

At Core 360 we offer OCR training twice a week. Our OCR or obstacle course training is a great way to test your metal with fun and challenging outdoor obstacles, from balance beams to monkey bars, tyre drags to rope climbs to name a few… You are going to get a workout that's second to none.

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