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CORE Intro

The foundation of fitness comes from the inside out. Set your mind to it, set your body to it and we will do the rest. We combine a fusion of functional training and some of the best cardio machines on the planet to give you a workout that has balance between strength and conditioning.

Core 360 Introduction
Core 360 - Yoga & Massage Therapy
Core 360 - Yoga & Massage Therapy

NEW @ CORE - Power yoga is a series of postures designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.
Tuesdays - 08h00 to 09h00 & Wednesdays - 16h00 to 17h00
Please contact Michelle on 079 966 0509

I can and I will

CORE Methods

We are unique in that we offer a personal training environment that is exclusive of members so that you get the best possible service from your trainer and the facility.

We also offer small group training which incorporates a high level of effort from our clients but not a high level of skill. Whether you a fitness fanatic or exercising for the first time our programming is designed to cater for the individual.

Core 360 - Stronger with a Coach

Make Yourself Proud

CORE Mission

It is all about improvement-for us and for you! (Our goal is to make you the best version of yourself)

Core 360 Mission
Core 360 Mission
Core 360 Mission
Core 360 Mission

StRive for Progress

CORE Trainers
Chaz Taylor
Core 360 - Chaz Taylort

I have been a trainer since 2007 offering a variety of functional training expertise.

Gizelle Taylor
Core 360 - Gizelle Taylor

My ballet background of 18 years taught me all the discipline I know now of which I have carried through into my personal training career.

Anika van Huyssteen
Core 360 - Anika van Huyssteen

082 225 3448

Our Qualifications

Personal training, Sports nutrition, CrossFit level 1, CrossFit gymnastics, Weightlifting & Kettlebell training

We Offer:

Personal Training, Small Group Training, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), Diet Nutrition, Gym Wear & Supplements

Core 360 - Fitness Cloud
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Never Back Down

CORE Contacts
Contact Information

Chaz : 072 987 4928 -
Gizelle: 072 216 3777 -

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Core 360 Outdoors
Core 360 - Indoors
Core 360 Indoors
CORE Location
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Core Events & News

Past CORE Events
First C4 Fund raising Event:

Our first C4 fundraising event went smoothly and was a huge success. Thank you to all who contributed and took part and supported our fundraising initiative to raise money for this worthy cause.

A special thank you to all our sponsers, members and friends who helped make this such a memorable event. To our Athletes and actually everyone who took part in the Time Trial, well done!

Looking forward to many more successful and and tougher events.

A short video of the days events. Remember to turn the volume up!!

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Core 360 - 360° of Fitness
Core 360 - Boost your Performance

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